Ούζο Spentza 1892

100% distilled

This exceptional ouzo is distilled from the most sweet-smelling anise of Mytilene, which grows only in the anise fields of Lisvori.

Its distillation takes place exclusively in autumn, when the anise’s scent reaches its apex. This ouzo has a high alcoholic content and is produced on the basis of the old tested recipe of the Spentzas family.

In fact, it was first produced way back in 1892 in the Pergamon distillery. Production in Mytilene started in 1948.

An explosion of aromas and emotions in collectable numbered bottles, exclusively for the connoisseurs and lovers of first-class ouzo.

200ml 46%vol glass bottle 5201563002257
700ml 46%vol glass bottle 5201563007252
700ml 46%vol glass bottle,
limited edition packaging